Earworms. Hold the eyeworms.

Here's a buncha music I've pounded out, mostly using iPads and iPhones, but also some odd sprinkles of electric guitar and my own grizzled larynx. Unless otherwise noted, this is all solo material. Song titles link to downloadable mp3's. Listen online with the embedded players.
Foot Beard (recorded March 2011)

The following songs were recorded using the Nanoloop iPhone app: Pork Pops, Smell-O-Vision, Space Beef, and You Got This Fear Up. The rest were done on an iPad with iSequence.

1. Snow Day

2. Nib$

3. Yinglueng

4. Pork Pops

5. Shuttle Ghost

6. Negation on Ice

7. Smell-O-Vision

8. Cliff Dweller

9. Space Beef

10. You Got This Fear Up

11. Ancient, Intelligent, and Almost Certainly Insane

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