Bride of Brain Hammer

My lovely spouse is rolling a blog of her own these days. It’s “Love, Your Copyeditor,” and it’s great for readers and writers, teachers and torturers. Throw a box of red felt-tips on the passenger seat, a fistful of yellow stickies in the glove box, and burn rubber on over there. But prepare to get your undies in a bunch if you are a hard-core descriptivist or don’t care to sort your “that”s from your “which”s. You have been warned.

P.S. Their are three errors in in this postscript.

2 Responses to “Bride of Brain Hammer”

  1. Josh Weisberg says:

    Cool–the family that blogs together… well, I’ll let you fill in the rest of that one.


    P.S. Their are not three error’s in in this postscript.

  2. Ray says:


    Flogs together?
    Clogs together?
    Listens to the Troggs together?