The Perils of AutoGoogling

Normally I’d think an article that satisfied the search string “zombie +computers +Mandik” would be a good thing. Google yourself too much, and this is what you get. From “Zombie Pfizer Computers Spew Viagra Spam“:

Pfizer’s computers appear to have been infected with malware that has transformed them into zombie computers sending spam at the behest of a hacker. Oddly enough, they are spamming the public’s inboxes with ads for the company’s own product.
Much of the spam originating from Pfizer’s machines pretends to be sent from Gmail accounts, says Wesson. Products hocked include penis-enlargement products with the names “Mandik” and “Manster,” as well as pharmaceuticals like Viagra, the sleep drug Ambien and the sedative Valium. The spam also includes ads for Cialis, a Viagra competitor made by Eli Lilly.

I’m changing my name to “Manster”.

2 Responses to “The Perils of AutoGoogling”

  1. Corey says:

    First name? So you’ll be Dr. Manster Mandik from now on? That’s got a nice ring to it!

  2. Pete Mandik says:

    Yeah! “Manster Mandik”. Middle name: “Mandingo”.