PMS-WIPS 014 - Luke Jerzykiewicz - Platonist Epistemology and Cognition

“Platonist Epistemology and Cognition” by Luke Jerzykiewicz, Clark University of Massachusetts and the University of Western Ontario

ABSTRACT: Recent findings in cognitive psychology are used to show that Stewart Shapiro’s [1997] account of human mathematical knowledge is in need of revision.

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One Response to “PMS-WIPS 014 - Luke Jerzykiewicz - Platonist Epistemology and Cognition”

  1. Eric Thomson says:

    An excellent chapter, blocking my objections as they came up by citing more interesting data. I’d like to see more chapters, if you could email any to me I’d be much obliged, especially more about your positive story. My email is thomson. at. neuro. dot. duke. dot. edu.