Thanks, Eric Steinhart, for emailing me the following. Hail Satan!

TI: God, the Demon, and the Status of Theodicies.
SO: American-Philosophical-Quarterly. Ap 90; 27(2): 163-167.
JN: American-Philosophical-Quarterly;
IS: 0003-0481
AB: Consider an omnipotent, omniscient, all-evil creator of the universe and an argument against its existence based on the presence of good in the world. “Demonists” can respond to such arguments with “demonodicies,” arguments that the demon’s existence is compatible with the good in the world. Given that there is a demonodicy isomorphic to every theodicy, the theist, in addition to establishing the possibility and consistency of God’s existence with the amount of evil in the world, must further establish the existence of a good supernatural being rather than an evil one. No current version of theism gives such an argument.

8 Responses to “Demonodicies”

  1. Eric Thomson says:

    Come on, you narrow-minded Satanists. The proof that superguy is good is easy.

    1. Assume superguy is evil.
    2. Evil superguy would crush cute puppy skulls the instant the puppies became cute.
    3. Cute puppies exist for more than an instant.
    4. Therefore, by reductio, superguy is good.

    The demonodicy arguments can’t get out of premise 2, as there exist possible worlds exactly like ours without cute puppies, and they are obviously more evil than worlds without their big pouty eyes and distended inherently cute heads. What possible greater evil could superguy be allowing by letting these ridiculously cute puppies stay in existence? Either he is not omnipotent, or not omnimolevolent.

  2. Eric Thomson says:

    ummm, omnimalevolent not omnimolevolent. Maybe he is evil after all…

  3. Josh Weisberg says:

    Satan works in mysterious ways! He lets those cute puppies exist because he has horrible plans for them down the line. It’s going to be SO much worse–have a little faith! This, as Anti-Leibniz said, is the worst of all possible worlds.

  4. Josh Weisberg says:

    Oh, by the way, you can tell Anti-Leibniz from Leibniz by his evil goatee.

  5. Pete Mandik says:

    What if this world, the best possible world, and the worst possible world are identical? When we die, will we go to Hellven?

  6. Puppies are Satan’s servants.
    You can recognize real satanist by the number of puppies he has.

  7. Does Satan say that crushing puppies’ heads is evil because it is evil, or is it evil because Satan says it is evil?

  8. Pete Mandik says:

    I am pleased to be reminded of The Puppy Crusher.