Brain Hammers, Hair Circles, Topless Twain

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This post isn’t really about anything, so you should stop reading it now.

1. Brain Hammers

So, it turns out that brain hammers pre-date the Spinal Tap album “Brain Hammer” by quite a few years. Turns out, William Blake’s Tyger got hit with one:

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? What dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

And then there’s this: [Link] (SFW)

2. Hair Circles

I was telling my Intro. to Phil. students that good definitions of e.g. “mammal” should apply to all and only mammals (so “gives birth to live young” sucks) and should be non-circular (so defining them as hair-havers sucks if hair is defined as something only mammals have).

Later that day I thought I’d check to see what wacky stuff Wikipedia had to say about mammals and hair and, sure as shit, they have HAIR being an analytic component of MAMMAL and MAMMAL being an analytic component of HAIR. Socrates is gonna be pissed.

3. Topless Twain

Also on the Wikipedia entry for hair is a photo of Mark Twain with his shirt off. Why? That is, why did MT pose shirtless for a photo? Was it for his MySpace page, or something?

Well, here it is:


2 Responses to “Brain Hammers, Hair Circles, Topless Twain”

  1. I read this few days ago, and the point 2/point 3 story is a classic. I didn’t want to write a simple comment on this artistic piece, but after few days without comments, I felt this post deserves some kind of words of worship.

  2. Pete Mandik says:

    Thanks for the words worship!