The Unicorn Hits the Road

Everybody Hates My Unicorn

Originally uploaded by Pete Mandik.

The Brain Hammer will be resting in its tool box for the rest of the week as I travel to the Atlanta meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. I’ll be presenting “Beware of the Unicorn: Consciousness as Being Represented and Other Things that Do Not Exist” in the invited symposium, “Intentionality and Phenomenal Representation,” with Chris Gauker and John Tienson.

If you won’t be an Atlanta, there’s a draft here and a synopsis here.

2 Responses to “The Unicorn Hits the Road”

  1. Brian Hammer says:

    So, if your website is like getting hit with a hammer, on the brain. You must know what it is like to get hit with a hammer, on the brain. Therefore how are you capable of maintaining a website, cognitively speaking, that is.

  2. Pete Mandik says:

    Because I’m a bad-ass motherfucker.