Take the Neuroscientists Bowling, Take Them Bowling

Take the Neuroscientists Bowling, Take Them Bowling

Originally uploaded by Pete Mandik.

Flip Phillips, posting as Bongoherbert on my flickr thread, issues the following brilliant challenge: combine bowling with aggressive recreational trans-cranial magnetic simulation (TMS):

I have the following idea: Functional Neuroscience Bowling. Each team wears specially designed TMS helmets. Knocking down pins activates magnets in other team’s helmets- the more pins the more f’ed up the other team gets. Look out for the motor strip!

Sort of like beer-pong, but for the CNS set.

What say you? My lab against yours!

My lab will need to borrow helmets, but we’re in.

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One Response to “Take the Neuroscientists Bowling, Take Them Bowling”

  1. OK- we’ll need new bowling shirts too. Last competitive keggling event I was in was after I worked on the Pixar bowling poster, back in the 80s. I don’t think that shirt will fit.

    And no trying to psych us out with any of your ‘philosophy’ - “Is that really a 7-10 split? Or is it just in your mind mannn?”

    White Russians are on me.