Cognitive Cellular Automata

Abstract: In this paper I explore the question of how artificial life might be used to get a handle on philosophical issues concerning the mind-body problem. I focus on questions concerning what the physical precursors were to the earliest evolved versions of intelligent life. I discuss how cellular automata might constitute an experimental platform for the exploration of such issues, since cellular automata offer a unified framework for the modeling of physical, biological, and psychological processes. I discuss what it would take to implement in a cellular automaton the evolutionary emergence of cognition from non-cognitive artificial organisms. I review work on the artificial evolution of minimally cognitive organisms and discuss how such projects might be translated into cellular automata simulations.

Forthcoming in Theoria et Historia Scientiarum special issue of on Philosophy and Artificial Life.

Link to full text of article.

Link to animation of the spontaneous evolution of Sayama’s evoloops in finite cellular automaton space.

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