Carl’s got a good point about the SSPP

Carl Gillett, posting @ Brains, writes:

Just a quick post to encourage people to submit papers to the SSPP conference, April 5-7th 2007, in Atlanta (deadline Nov. 15th). Everyone knows how good the SPP conference is, but I think folks are less aware of the recent rejuvenation of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. In recent years, the contributed program at the SSPP has been attracting a lot of good papers in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, epistemology, metaphysics of science and ‘naturalistic’ philosophy generally. Since the SSPP has always been an especially open and friendly conference, this has made for philosophically lively meeting. I strongly encourage people to submit a paper, especially since this year’s Philosophy Program chair, Chase Wrenn, has put together a great invited program:

Keynote: John Searle

Invited Speaker: David Rosenthal

Invited Speaker: Colin McGinn

Symposium on Realization: Gene Witmer, Carl Gillett and Ken Aizawa, Chase Wrenn

Symposium on Normative Naturalistic Epistemology:David Henderson, Charles Wallis, Michael Bishop and J.D. Trout

Symposium on Intentionality: Chris Gauker, Pete Mandik, John Tienson.

Details on the conference are here (see the links for the CFP or the latest newsletter):

3 Responses to “Carl’s got a good point about the SSPP”

  1. Richard Brown says:

    I don’t know about the SSPP. I had a very bad experience the one time I presented there. In particular I noticed that they scheduled the younger relatively unknown speakers against the key note speaker and against other big name philosphers (this was not only done to me, but seemed to be done to several sessions). The net result was that there were several sessions with NO ATTENDANCE! I, for instance, ended up presenting to the chair of my session and the other speaker…which was a HUGE wast of time and resources!! Not only did no one get to hear my paper, but I did not get to hear the keynote address! Now I don’t think this means you should not submit, but if you do and your paper is accepted I would recomend that you carefully look at the program before deciding to go or not.

  2. Pete Mandik says:

    Yikes! What year was that?

  3. Ken Aizawa says:

    Richard, I’m sorry about your bad experience.

    As a long-time member of the SSPP, and now it’s secretary, I have observed the development of the SSPP program over the last few years.

    I think that the SSPP tradition at least in recent years (last four or five at least) is to have no one at the same time as the President’s Invited Speaker, aka the keynote speaker. (So, no one will be speaking giving a paper at the same time as Searle.)

    It does, however, happen that some folks are scheduled at the same time as the invited speakers. (I’m sure we will also avoid scheduling folks against McGinn and Rosenthal and, of course, that Mandik guy.) Program chairs have tried to avoid this, but have not always suceeded. Program chairs have also tried to keep competing topics at different times, so we don’t have two sessions on, say, representational theories of consciouness, running at the same time. Ultimately, these decisions have largely been left as judgement calls for the program chairs.

    SSPP programs for the past few years are available online.

    Maybe we should get that Mandik guy to be program chair ….